The history of Myriam Lara


I was born in Mexico, where I graduated in Law and Social Sciences, but since I was a little girl, grandma Maria, gave me her passion for arts and kept alive my artistic talent. Thanks to her I learned to play piano, to paint and I enjoyed studying poetry and theater.

So I spent my adolescence among law books and colored pencils.

A trip to Italy definitely changed my life, both personally and artistically, because in Italy I met the coral and its ancient processing, thanks to the man that would become my father in law. Through him, a real master of art, I started my career as engraver trainee.  Loving art since ever, it didn’t take me too long to turn this job into my life’s reason. After years of hard job at the carving work bench, I found my personal and romantic style, where birds and coloured flowers honor my beloved mexican culture. My style’s roots are in the classic tradition, but at the same time, my creations conquer new generation women, those who listen to their feelings, those who look both for a jewel’s perfect quality or for environmental sustainability of raw materials.

The Italian name of our laboratory is “La Fucina di  Cupido” (The Cupid’s forge) in honor of love blooming and romance. With passion and extreme precision here we make each MyriamLaraJewels creation and I am so proud of signing them with my name.

From today there is something new in the world of contemporary jewelry.


The artists


When I began as a coral engraver trainee I was catapulted in a world of real artisans and with dedication and passion I didn’t hesitate using files, spindles, drills, copper disks and brushes … I found it all so fascinating!

Little angels, animals, jelly fishes and festoons came to life from my hands and this job soon became the motivation of my life as I’ve always been in love with art.


Thanks to the success of our creations, our brand has been known and respected between the artisans of our market.

I’ve always been curious, that’s why I wanted to try new raw materials, to add more color to our products.

Over the years, me and my team, reached our own style, full of color and fantasy, just as the most beautiful poems recited by my grandma, my eternal inspiring muse. A romantic style, where little birds and colored flowers honor my Mexican culture.

A style that recalls the antique and makes it attractive for the new women generation, more attentive to beauty.

A style that can move and satisfy the aesthetic needs of each woman and able to make her feel more beautiful anytime she wears a ML jewel.

Currently I own my laboratory where, with my staff made of careful and accurate artisans, we realize with love and craftsmanship every single jewel of ours, granting an high quality of the products, with a careful eye to the sustainability of the raw materials used.


I am writing a book, to tell my style and all the techniques that I learned during the years. I hope it will bring novelty to the world of handmade jewelry.